Rental Terms & Conditions
Our Bank Account for deposits is : 
IBAN GR84 0140 6050 6050 0231 0001 141
The rent a car company hereby rents to the undersigned lessee. in accordance to the following: terms, a car, as described in the contract.

The care is rented until 8:30 p.m, each additional hour is charged at 1/6 of the daily price .The expansion of the period of renting has to be approved by the company. If the lessee wishes to expand renting beyond the agreed date. he or she must immediately inform the office and pay the additional value in order to be covered by the insurance. If the later does not act this way, this means that the c1ientwill be driving a car that is not insured.

The car is delivered to the lessee in a good condition and without any defect. Upon delivery of the car the lessee was asked accordingly and did not express any preservation concerning the good condition of the car.

The lessee undertakes to return the car and all tools and gear in it as, in the condition they were at delivery. In the contrary case the client is obliged to pay a compensation for each damage and loss.

No repair of the car by the lessee or a third party is allowed. Use of the car as described below, is prohibited:

i. Transportation of persons or goods which is compensated. ii. Tugging of cars or other objects.

iii. Participation in car races.

iv. Renting of the car to a third party.

v. Violation of highway code and other regulations.

vi. By a third party.

vii. Transportation of heavy luggage.

viii. If the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance affecting the driver's senses.

Traffic violation fines burden the lessee during the validity of this contract, He or she is also charged the transportation of the car to our garage for the days it will be required to repair it in case the client is responsible for damages.

The car is covered by a motor third party insurance, regarding bodily

injuries until 300.000 euro material damages of third parties until 96.000 euro.

The lessee can be discharged from the responsibility for eventual damages of the car if he or she has accepted the competent terms and pays the amount due each time.

The largest number of passengers, including the driver, is 5. The lessee is obliged to inform and to have a written approval of the lessor in case the first wants to use the car off Naxos.

In case of an accident or any other incident (robbery, arson), the lessee is obliged to: i. inform the police, ii. contact our office.

The. company has the right to take away the car from the lesse. after the termination of renting period without notice and in case the terms of this contract are not kept.

Damage of tyres. windows and on the lower part of the car are not covered by any insurance.